ACME Advanced About


Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, ACME Advanced Materials is an innovative company that stands alone in the field of commercial microgravity production. ACME is at the forefront of a new and exciting era that will see the expanded use of microgravity environments to create and mass produce unique and valuable materials. We currently stand alone at the intersection of scientific discovery and efficient business operations – come and join us.

These are exciting times for the New Space industry. Opportunities for new business creation and innovative applications are expanding at a pace unequalled since the early days of space exploration. However there is also a lot of noise and bluster that detracts from the real opportunities and serves to confuse potential investors and new space supporters. Our goal is to maintain the integrity of this newly expanding industry and avoid over-hyping our accomplishments. ACME is driven by two principles:
1. “sermo minor, operor magis” (talk less, do more)
2. One impossible thing at a time! (we won’t overstate or oversell our capabilities)

ACME began operations with an eye towards using suborbital rockets for microgravity production. However as we experimented with different materials and processes using aircraft in parabolic trajectories we discovered that some materials (wide band gap semiconductors specifically) could be effectively processed using only the aircraft environment. There are some additional tricks and procedures which are required to make this a reliable and consistent commercial production methodology but it is a huge cost savings when compared to suborbital flight. We protect these additional tricks and procedures as trade secrets.

We are first and foremost a microgravity production company. Our business model is to develop and commercialize new materials to satisfy existing industrial demand. Then, after the production process is optimized and made ready for commercial production we will spin it off and begin work on the next material in our portfolio. The goal is to spin off a family of companies that exploit microgravity processes and generate sufficient profit to fund ACME’s continued expansion into orbital and lunar manufacturing.

ACME’s current focus is on the microgravity processing of Silicon Carbide. Our goal is to establish one or more strategic partnerships with industry leaders in the power electronics market. Working with them we will optimize our process and begin selling our material into the market.